Blackberry Bold 9780 Repairs

  • Diagnostic

  • Water damage inspection

  • Front Screen Replacement

  • Volume Button Repairs

  • Battery Replacement

  • Charging Port Repair

  • Front Camera Repair

  • Rear Camera Repair

  • Complete Back Replacement

  • Earpiece Repair

  • Power Button Repair

  • Microphone Replacement

  • Home Button Repair

  • Firmware restoration

  • Loud Speaker Repair

  • Blackberry Bold 9780 Diagnostic Service

    Do you have a problem with your Blackberry Bold 9780 and not sure of the fault? The diagnostic service is the perfect solution to solve your problem. About Tech technicians will test and check every aspect of your device.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Touch Screen Glass, Digitiser & LCD Replacement

    About Tech technicians will replace the touch screen front glass, digitiser and the LCD display. Your device will look brand new and will usually be repaired the same day we receive it.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Front Glass Screen Replacement Service UK

    Have you smashed or dropped your Blackberry Bold 9780 and cracked the screen. About Tech technicians will replace your Blackberry Bold 9780 front glass and digitiser, usually the same day we receive it. We specialise in screen replacement and repair devices all across the UK and the rest of the world.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 LCD Display Replacement Service

    Have you damaged the internal LCD (liquid crystal display) underneath the main glass screen digitiser. If the LCD is damaged, you’ll probably notice your screen has gone white, or there is a series of discoloured lines appearing, or possibly just a blank display. About Tech can replace the entire front screen of your device and get it working like new.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Microphone Repair

    Hello, Hello, Hello… If people can not hear you when speaking or you sound like you’re calling them from the inside of a washing machine then let us replace the microphone for you.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Back Replacement Service

    Replace your old Blackberry Bold 9780 back casing and return it to a brand spanking new condition.

    Bricked Blackberry Bold 9780 Repair Service

    Super fast device unbricking service in the UK. Usually caused by a failed jailbreak, or broken software install. Symptoms include stuck in a boot loop, infinite rebooting, no service, or totally dead. Have you got a bricked device?

    If so About Tech technicians love bricked devices, we have unbricked 1000′s of devices and usually do this same day.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Battery Replacement Service UK

    Is your Blackberry Bold 9780 battery getting a little run down, having the life sucked out of it with the battery percentage draining away, or is it not turning on at all? Don’t worry we can get you charged up again with our same day service.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Firmware Restoration Service

    Is your Blackberry Bold 9780 displaying a connect to computer message, stuck on the logo or in the infinite boot loop cycle. Or maybe you want to be sure all your data is securely wiped from your device? We can provide a full software and firmware restoration service.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Home Button Repairs

    Brand new replacement home button for your Blackberry Bold 9780, inc all parts and labour.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Camera Repair Service UK

    Blackberry Bold 9780 camera stopped working or pictures marked or blurry, if so we are here to help. About Tech technicians repair devices from all over the world. We can either repair or replace your camera so you can capture those moments in all there glory once again.

    Blackberry Bold 9780 Power/Lock Button Repairs

    Is your device not switching on, or you feel like you have to press the button through the phone to lock it? We can repair or replace the internal part of the button and get you switched back on.